Best Strip Clubs In The World

In today’s world, there are a lot of places where people could go to blow off steam and get a calm and soothing experience. While some choose to perform some adventure activity there are even certain people who like to go to strip clubs to get the same experience.

The world of the strip club industry has now become a multi-billion dollar business, which has clients walking in and out every day constantly. While the type of services these strip clubs provide may vary, at the end of the day they have the same goal “To make a ton of money” and all this depends on the type of services and whether or not if the client who has come in and gone out is satisfied or not. There are certain strip clubs which are smaller than the others, but this does not mean that they don’t provide a good service, thus the following is a list of the best strip clubs in the world which you must visit if you are visiting the country where they are located.

1) Le Crazy Horse

The Le Crazy Horse strip club is located in two places one being Paris where it originated and the other being Las Vegas also known as the “Sin City.” This one undoubtedly tops the list as it is the naughtiest strip clubs in the world. People who visit this place and use their services can watch women in various dress stages or undress stages to be more precise. People who are lavish spenders can also watch women take a shower, dance and even see them jive around in laser light shows.

2) Seventh Heaven

It is a commonly known point that many people all around the world like to fantasize about women in short school dress and this is the sole reason this strip club was opened in Tokyo, Japan. This club allows its customers to choose according to their fantasies and then the club makes sure that all those fantasies of theirs come to life. The club has women from many different nationalities and thus perfect pit stop for the travelling businessman who requires great services for the money they spend.

3) Night Flight

Night Flight is one of the most lavish strip club establishment in the world. As it is situated in Russia, it is bound to have the beautiful women of that country working there and providing exquisite services. The motto of the strip club is “Nightflight: Do It Tonight.” The club is one of the most visited places as the women there are just flawless and gorgeous to look at. One could consider this as a party where women are filtered at the gate before being allowed to enter.

4) Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino strip clubs are the most well-known strip clubs in the world as it has now grown massively and has many franchises around the world. The original Spearmint Rhino club is located in Las Vegas and as of today the lavish strip club has over 250 dancers who are unbelievably attractive, and due to this, the club is always packed. As the club is always packed, it now is offering customers pre-booking services so that no person who comes to their doors goes away without availing their wonderful services.

5) Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

Hustler clubs are the most famous and commonly located strip clubs all across the USA. The one in particular which grabs all the attention is the one located in New York. The strip club there has a high ceiling which allows the dancers to perform acrobatic stunts and mesmerize its customers. The club is two stories and also have a special wing for the high spenders who want to fulfil their fantasies and also caters to provide huge suits for the special ones who would like a private experience. The place is one of the most frequently visited strip clubs and the people who visit this strip club have a class of their own.

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